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i am multi-tasking (: i am listening to my MGS video. i am looking at… 
1st-Dec-2008 09:15 pm
i am multi-tasking (:
i am listening to my MGS video.
i am looking at the powerpoint slides.
i am online shopping at F21 (: (: (: (: (:

(this is for CNY. i know it is still a long time till then, but hey... wat's a girl to do when she's online, not wowing, and blessed with a wonderful bf who would sponsor half of the bill of the purchase (: he wanted to pay for it all, but i felt tt it wun b nice so i negotiated to pay half of it! i hope it'll fit n it'll look as good as in the pictures! whee! )
i am unstocking my guardian spree that the bf bought for me a while back.

(i'm a loyal and staunch follower of vichy. it helped my skin so darn much. so yes, restocking them was alil pricey since its much more ex compared to other household brands. but baby willingly bought them for me. he even commented that this was WAY too little for a shopping spree. so i spreaded the shopping spree out and got myself, courtesy of the bf, two belts which he chose for me from m(phosis and a working bag from mango. actually he kinda reminded me to get them cos he realised tt my belts were kinda spoilt and i needed a white bag to go with my working clothes for sch. so yes. i mini shopping spree, thanks to him (: double whee! )
i am fiddling with my new phone.

(feast ur eyes on my new phone!!!!! sorry celeste. i know u have it too. fine den. feast ur eyes on our new phone!!!!! (: this is also my xmas present from baby!!! since he gets really pissed off from calling me n my phone shuts itself off whenever someone calls me. so yes, he decided to settle with buying me a phone and cancel out the hassle to think of a xmas present for me. which i so totally am OK with (: tt's like a 3 digit amt saved on my account! actually i am more of esthetic! heh heh! i'm happy fiddling with my phone now!!! sweet! i love the sleek look. i love the slim-ness. i love the white colour. I LOVE THE FACT TT PPL CAN CALL ME N TT I CAN ACTUALLY PICK UP!!!!

i love my bf (:
n i'm showing my love back by picking up wow. biggest sacrifice ever.....

back to the boring lectures..... ):

1st-Dec-2008 05:18 pm (UTC)
this is hsin commenting with pristupid's account. hahaha WAH I WANNA SEE NEW PHONE.

you are so lucky to have a rich bf who loves you.. sighzzxx... so blessed.. i wish i had one too! hee
2nd-Dec-2008 06:26 am (UTC)
ltr let u play with my new phone k! its freaking gorgeous la! -beams-

n pls la, he's not rich rich. if he is THAT rich, he would have gotten me the HTC touch 3G or sth like tt which costs a whooping nearly 1k la. now THAT would mean i hav a rich bf. this one tt i have is just right for me (:
18th-Dec-2008 10:59 am (UTC)
hey maylene. i was surfing the net and then i chanced upon this SIM video advert, and i saw you. haha

"I am telepathic"

surprise surprise. oh, im andre. haha
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