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25th-Aug-2008 02:43 am
sch officially starts today. yes... i know i said i was on hols, but it was only for 2 PATHETIC weeks... so yupp. back to the books. i missed the first sch day today cos i was HOOKED on "a litre of tears". wow... n i tot i'm over non-eng serials. heh. cried a whole bucket n now i'm stuck with swollen goldfish eyes.

i'm heading up to genting for the weekend to unwind, enjoy and catch up with the clique. its been a long time and there's no better way than to leave the shithole behind to un-twine, relax and gamble our ass off (:

life is currently rather stagnant, or i would say i'm pushing issues away to make sure it is. so yupp. till the next turbulence, ciao!

p.s: kerm n pris, can u PLS find a date whereby we can meet. we've been procrastinating
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